watercolor, tattoo, art, ink

I am very excited to announce that artist Joel Wright will be providing the artwork for Of Root & Bone. Joel is an incredibly talented painter and tattoo artist. He’s been an artist for 25 years and got into tattooing 15 years ago.

Earlier this year I returned to the U.S. for vacation to visit my parents in Arkansas. One of my main priorities was getting a new tattoo. The online search for inspiration led me to an amazing piece – a watercolor style tattoo of a ram’s skull (more…)

Hello! Welcome to dcodymartin.com. First off, it’s weird seeing my name as a URL, but also exciting. My musical journey has been an interesting one, although probably familiar to a lot of musicians. I’d like to think of this as the beginning of the next chapter of that journey.

I’ve been playing music most of my life. I started my first band in high school (more…)