Moving in to 2016, I’ve finally started working on a long time goal of mine. I’ve finally joined and have started writing instrumental cues for submittal.

TAXI is an independant A&R company that works as a one stop shop for both the record companies, publishers, and music supervisors looking for music and for the independent artists looking to get their music heard and used (more…)

I had the opportunity to participate in the Bahrain Noor El Ain Festival by performing at The Lagoon on Amwaj Island in Bahrain on March 6. We also managed to a great video of me performing my song “Stone Angels” which is included at the end of this post.

According to the event organizers:

“Bahrain Noor el Ain is a culture festival aimed at drawing attention to Bahrain’s markets and public spaces. It features a market area full of stalls by creative entrepreneurs, art activities, an outdoor cinema, and live music.” (more…)

As mentioned in a previous post and in my bio, I am the bassist in a cover band called 26 North in my spare time. Our singer came up with the band name. It’s our approximate latitude here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Of course, four expats playing in a hard rock/metal cover band in Saudi Arabia can definitely be an interesting experience. This past weekend was one such occasion. (more…)

watercolor, tattoo, art, ink

I am very excited to announce that artist Joel Wright will be providing the artwork for Of Root & Bone. Joel is an incredibly talented painter and tattoo artist. He’s been an artist for 25 years and got into tattooing 15 years ago.

Earlier this year I returned to the U.S. for vacation to visit my parents in Arkansas. One of my main priorities was getting a new tattoo. The online search for inspiration led me to an amazing piece – a watercolor style tattoo of a ram’s skull (more…)

Earlier this year I set out to record an acoustic album that I’m aiming to release by the end of 2014. I’d previously recorded a three track EP called The Prick under the name Egoist in part as a way to start learning Pro Tools. Part of the motivation in doing an acoustic EP is to learn the basics (more…)