Musical Goals for 2015

In 2013 and 2014 I performed some of my first solo shows since 2007, I started the website, I began working on my acoustic EP Of Root & Bone, and I released the EP’s first completed track “Graveyard Song.”

My intent had been to complete the EP by the end of 2014, but life happened and I’ve since moved the deadline back. In an effort to stay on top of things, I am setting out clear goals for 2015.

Musical Goals for 2015:

  1. Starting in February, work through Ariel Hyatt’s book Music Success in Nine Weeks and do a blog post documenting each chapter.
  2. By March 31st, release Of Root & Bone through
  3. In April, begin work on a full length album!
  4. By May 31st, organize an album release party for Of Root & Bone.
  5. By May 31st, start a newsletter.
  6. By June 30th, set up a store on my website and make merchandise available. In addition to this: design some merchandise!
  7. By June 30th, have performed two shows in Bahrain.
  8. By October 31st, release video for a song on Of Root & Bone.
  9. By December 31st, have performed two more shows in Bahrain for a total of four for the year.
  10. By December 31st, have the full length album totally completed so that the first three months of 2016 can be spent gearing up for and promoting the album release.

To stay focused and to make myself more accountable, I’ve set up a “2015 Goals” page. As I move through each goal, I’ll report on the progress and check them off the list. I’m a master of procrastination, so hopefully the added stress of having this posted on the site for all to see will help me power through.

Do you have any musical goals for 2015? Hit up the comments, shoot me an email, or drop me a line on Facebook and let me know. Maybe your goals or ideas for the coming year will give others ideas and inspiration to set goals of their own and we can keep each other pumped up and motivated.

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