26 North Performs at the BIC F1 Track for Bahrain’s National Day

As mentioned in a previous post and in my bio, I am the bassist in a cover band called 26 North in my spare time. Our singer came up with the band name. It’s our approximate latitude here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Of course, four expats playing in a hard rock/metal cover band in Saudi Arabia can definitely be an interesting experience. This past weekend was one such occasion. 26 North National Day - Cody bass 2 We were invited to perform for the headlining slot on the opening day of the Bahrain International Circuit’s National Day Festival. The BIC is the F1 track in Bahrain and the five day festival was to celebrate Bahrain’s National Day holiday. 26 North National Day - Blake vocals 126 North National Day - Steve guitar 2 It was an incredibly fun experience and a bit surreal. We were curious to see how three Americans and a Canadian jamming Metallica, Pantera, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana covers for the culturally focused Bahraini National Day Festival would work. The crowd seemed curious about this as well, to be honest, but they were up for it and fun was had by all. 26 North National Day - Cody bass 1 26 North National Day - James drums 1 The stage was easily the largest I’ve ever played on. There was at least 20 feet between each band member. I could imagine that a large percentage of this event’s budget was tied up in that stage. Smoke machines and fully interactive LED lights added to the rock arena vibe. 26 North National Day - full band 2 Our good friend Chris Barnett – another expat with a passion for live music photography – was there to capture the action and make us all look super rad in the process.

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