Upcoming Release: Of Root & Bone EP

Earlier this year I set out to record an acoustic album that I’m aiming to release by the end of 2014. I’d previously recorded a three track EP called The Prick under the name Egoist in part as a way to start learning Pro Tools. Part of the motivation in doing an acoustic EP is to learn the basics. (Download The Prick here for free!)

Egoist The Prick EP

The Prick was primarily electronic. It included the use of many virtual instruments, programmed drums, heavily chopped up, cut and pasted guitar tracks, and synths. It was a blast to make and I’ll definitely dive back into the electronic and industrial sound in the future, but I felt that I needed a good foundation in the recording basics if I was going to be any good.

because bassOf Root & Bone will be a raw, stripped down, back to basics acoustic EP. I’ve set narrow guidelines for the recording process, limiting each song to maximum of five separate tracks: two guitar parts, two vocal parts, and a bass part (because bass). Additionally, I’ve limited the use of plug-ins to compression, eq, reverb, and delay.

No vocal tracks soaking in chorus effects, so blaring distorted guitar. In some ways, it’s easier – less choices, fewer tracks to record or program – but in many ways, it’s a real challenge – the tracks and performances need to sound good going in, because there’s nothing to hide behind.

Check out the first completed song off the EP, “Graveyard Song,” here.

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